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Emory University Historian Gary Hauk

Welcome to the Emory historian’s corner.

The late Yale scholar Aiden Kavanaugh once said, “History is about past things, and . . . tradi­tion is about present things that have a past.”

This blog is about both history and tradition.

As a student, administrator, teacher, and writer at Emory for more than thirty years, I have had the pleasure of watching this university grow and change in dramatic ways. I’ve also had the privilege of working with four Emory presidents as a member of the cabinet, while also working on many projects with librarians, landscapers, students, musicians, development professionals, trustees, alumni leaders, artists, faculty members, and many others. Their stories, and the story of the emerging life of Emory University, have given me a deep appreciation for the history and the living traditions of this place. So I will be writing about them regularly.

I welcome your emails and comments.

Gary Hauk


Gary S. Hauk is vice president and deputy to the president of Emory University. In October 2015 he was appointed Emory’s first official historian. He is the author of the most recent history of Emory, A Legacy of Heart and Mind: Emory Since 1836, and author of the centennial history of Emory’s Candler School of Theology, Religion and Reason Joined: Candler at One Hundred. He is co-editor of a collection of essays about Emory’s history, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads. Hauk earned his PhD in ethics from Emory’s Graduate Division of Religion and has BA and MA in English from Lehigh University and an MDiv degree from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.


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